It’s all in the name

The meaning of “Kefi” for a non-Greek person can’t be accurately translated. Dictionaries will explain it as the spirit of joy and an overpowering emotion filled with passion and enthusiasm.

For Greeks though, it’s in the name. κέφι  (Kefi) encompasses a whole overwhelming soul and body experience expressed through laughing, dancing and singing. It’s the connection with other people and a way to deal with pain and hardships whilst achieving a care free moment of ultimate happiness.

Isn’t that ART??

In the Beginning

Kefi Club was born out of a necessity for wall art that was not only unique but also of high quality. The aim to be a platform to support local creative artists, bringing Kefi to your space and walls.

We spend hours on end to discover and curate unique works by local artists as well as vintage works. We have curated collections such as Exhibition, Botanical and Japanese art.

As Graphic designers the creators at Kefi Club also create our own artworks.

We are always looking for the latest trends and artist’s works so we can bring them to the homes of enthusiasts at an affordable price. The Kefi Club team makes sure the collections keep evolving and are continuously updated over time.